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"I have always loved working at night.  No one interrupts me.  No telephone calls disturb my train of thought.  I feel I have unlimited time.  One bright lamp (its bluish light helps me to see the true colors) illuminates the drawing on which I am working.

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ERTE.COM Suites, April 2002

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The rest of the house is plunged in darkness except for a few dimly lit shells that enable me to leave my worktable if I have to.  Everything is Focused on the brightly lit square of my table - a perfect aid to concentration.  Even my cats pretend to be sleeping: they know that I am working.  Being alone is vitally important for me and my work.  I am a solitary person, and this may explain why I have such a great love of cats.  Cats and I are very much alike.  The cat is a solitary animal, very independent, very quiet by nature.  Like Cats who hide themselves away when they are ill, I cannot stand people visiting me when I am indisposed.  I want to be left alone." (Excerpt "Erte At Ninety")

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